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Product Hoc IELTS Hieu Qua - Be Ready IELTS

Be Ready IELTS

On the journey to make studying joyful and efficient, we found out English is the most important gap between our beloved Vietnam and the world.

In 2018 we decided to invest our resources to build up a learning platform to help all English learners of Vietnam can find a website to place their trust pursuing to the next level of English.

With a lot possibility, we are deeply in love with what we are doing and target to launch this new product by the end of 2019.

So, how about come to our website at and see our most recent hard work.

Product On Thi Dai Hoc Online - Practice For University Entrance Exam

Online Practice of University Entrance Exam

Same as many other place in the world, University Entrance Exam can be stressful to candidates as it's a real competition when every students want to have a best place to study. While strongly believing working hard is still the main reason for successful, we aim to reduce student stress by helping them with study plan, and auto reminder via email to help them stick the plan.

Our website OnThiDaiHoc.Online, offer online practice test for all subjects: Math, Literature, English, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History... which allow students to practice anytime, anywhere.

Many feedbacks from very our very first customers was promising, when they express their appreciation to our service team. We constantly gather feedback to improve our system, while using many of those to plan for next year releases.


Product Thu Vien Lich Su - Library Of Vietnamese History

Library of Vietnamese History

History has been well known as the boring subject for most high school students, when we were a kid, we had the same feeling. However, we do believe studying is joyful no matter what subject it is, as long as student want to study, the learning tools should motivate and assist them the best.

With all of the above in mind, we created Library of Vietnamese History where all history events are linked with people and places, helping students understand the big picture. And yes, we do have lots of picture and videos collected from different sources, to illustrate our proud Vietnam history.

If you also interested in history of Vietnam, why not have a look at our library at

p/s: if you are not Vietnamese speaker, feel free to use Google Translate.

Product Giao Duc Sang Tao - Creative Education System

Creative Education System

We also believe in the world where young students will be leading to create innovative software. While this dream is happing at many competition either at local, national or international level. Many amazing ideas has been abandoned due to many reasons: the author has to go back to school as having to time to develop further, and most importantly, they are too young to know how to market their product.

Therefore, Creative Education System at, was established in 2010 with the mission to help promote those ideas, and encourage the students to keep their work move on.

Product Tu Dien Ngon Ngu Ky Hieu - Dictionary Of Vietnamese Sign Language

Dictionary of Vietnamese Sign Language

With the mission to unify Sign Language across all regions of Vietnam, and to promote Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL) as an official language for the Deaf people of Vietnam, we have developed the dictionary to be platform ready for contribution from all different sources: research centres of the Deaf, Deaf schools, Sign Language interpreter.

Throughout many years of gaining trust in the community, we are now the biggest library which contain more that 7000 videos of words and 20 videos of sentences. We also proud to serve more than half a million visits through web and mobile web traffic.

Again, we treat every single product like our last one, so made with lots of love, sweat and tears, and that's why you will find has the latest, modern UI packed with lots of useful feature for both normal and deaf people.

However, due to insufficient funding, this not-for-profit project has been slow down dramatically since 2018. If you are interested in being our sponsors please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.