The project impacts millions of deaf people and the education of deaf kids in Vietnam.

The project was founded by Binh Le and later on maintained by the whole Be Ready Education team. We work with deaf communities, sign language interpreters and many other organizations to help deliver the best Sign Language Dictionary.

Narrow the gap of Sign Language across different region

Same as any other speaking language, different regions have some of their own local vocabularies. This is natural when people do not have much communication across those regions. However, this slang has become less and less due to globalization and the internet, once a new concept is created, it comes with a solid definition and name which is used by all nations. For example, you can see what happen with Covid, a new concept of our daily lives.

However, these differences still happen for Sign Language as video communication is still not that popular compared to text messing (of course it's growing and will definitely be the main means of communication). Vietnam still have many signs that are different between the north and south of Vietnam, and sometimes in other regions. This cause difficulty in sign language learning for deaf kids.

As Government has not recognized Vietnamese Sign Language and helped to develop formal education materials, Vietnamese deaf kids will still struggle to learn these.

Vietnamese Sign Language Dictionary Binh Le
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