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It has been a great pleasure to work with our best partner to deliver such an excellent product. Established in September 2020, we have grown the website from scratch and reached up to 5 million users in 1 year.

Our partner, Mr Huynh Dung Tri has been invested thousands of dollars into creating content for the website, and our IT team has delivered a product that helped deliver his great content to many other users.


Web Application:



Why partner with high commitment is great for any long term development?

At an early stage, things go at very slow rate and for the first 6 months, our traffic is not more than 100 users per day. However, Mr Tri commits to keep delivering a high amount of content every single day.

As a result, when Google start to recognize us, they do that really quick, we get up to 6000 users per day and the average page views is higher than ever. 

Be Ready Education also advise Mr Tri to put advertisements on his website, and start earning a huge amount of passive income. 


Our next big plan?

With a huge success after just 1 year of implementation, Mr Tri commits to delivering much more content, especially video content with great quality. As a result, the user retention rate increased by more than 120%. They keep coming back to learn about the physics concept which has been recorded in the video.






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