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Who are we?

We are an Australian Company established with a mission to improve education through technology. 

With our first major market in Vietnam, we are now reaching millions of users every month in Vietnam and expanding rapidly to another market in the world.


Our most successful product

Creative Education System - A platforms that allow young creators, developers, designers can share their ideas with the market. 

Dictionary of Chemical Equation - An application accessible on all platform: web, mobile... with more than 150 millions page views every year.

Vietnamese Library History - Enable Vietnamese student to learn history through images

Dictionary of Vietnamese Sign Language - With more than 700 sign language videos, this is now the largest dictionary of sign language in Vietnam.




History & achievements

In 2009, Creative Education was established to build useful products for the community. From 2019 to 2017, many useful websites were established and served more than millions of Vietnamese users, such as:

- Creative Education - Students' creative software sharing platform

- Chemical Equations Dictionary - with over 10,000 chemical equations and substances - more than 50 million visits per year

- History Library - Learn History through illustrations and event links

- Sign Language Dictionary - Contains more than 7000 sign language videos, is the largest dictionary of linguistics in Vietnam

Be Ready Education Australia was established in 2017


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