The most popular dictionary used by Vietnamese Students And Teachers, has been developed by Be Ready Education Australia.

Our product is built to enhance the learning experience of Vietnamese Students in English Learning. The dictionary content is different content. 

It has been a long time since the English-Vietnamese dictionary is no longer your companion in the process of learning English. At present, most of us turn to the conveniences of the Internet such as online English-Vietnamese dictionary. In addition, to know the meaning of a certain word or phrase, you use Google translate. We just need to type out a phrase or a paragraph, even “copy and paste” into Google translation and then press enter. It's fast, convenient, isn't it?

However, comes with conveniences such as speed, comfort, time-saving; then it is a harsh truth that you will lose your ability to learn English in depth. To really master a language you really have to study hard. When using the traditional English-Vietnamese dictionary, you will forge the virtue of meticulousness when learning English. You don't experience any of the same temptations or distractions as when you use the Internet. You will focus 100% on just looking up the dictionary than when online you look up the dictionary, listen to music, surf the web, and Facebook. Therefore, I trust will work with you to learn seven advantages when you use a traditional hand-held English-Vietnamese dictionary.


100% Focus on Language Learning

Having a traditional English-Vietnamese dictionary in hand will make you like a real researcher. When you look up the meaning of a word you will have to focus 100% to find the exact word. And when you enter the mind like that, you find the word you need, you will obviously remember it for a long time. On the contrary, if you use an online dictionary or Google translate; it won't take much effort to find an English word. In addition, other attractive invitations from social networks will distract us. As a result, it was impossible to remember that word for long: “Easy come, easy go!”

Developing Search Ability

Obviously, if you are proficient at looking up English-Vietnamese dictionaries, you will possess special skills related to looking up. This is extremely beneficial, especially when you want to find important information. You will find very quickly and accurately.

Learn anywhere, anytime with most convenient dictionary

Imagine times when you don't have internet or go to a mountain or island. Then, with a hand-held English-Vietnamese dictionary; You will be free to learn vocabulary in fresh, quiet spaces, evoking creativity. Take a deep breath and think about this.

Compact, convenient

Obviously nowadays, you often use your laptop or computer to look up the dictionary. Others install English-Vietnamese dictionaries on their phones. However, recent studies show that people who use laptops and smartphones too much will be exposed to electromagnetic waves that cause stress. In particular, many of you have a habit of putting your phone in your pocket, which harms fertility and causes a number of other diseases. Therefore, a hand-held dictionary will help us avoid electromagnetic wave pollution. A book of about 30,000 words is very compact and easy to hold, right?

Choose the topic to focus

For example, you want to learn banking vocabulary. At that time, you buy a small English-Vietnamese dictionary about the bank to look up very convenient. Moreover, surely the vocabulary knowledge integrated in this specialized English-Vietnamese dictionary is very condensed and concise. If you type in Google with the keyword: "Learning vocabulary specialized in finance - banking" you will see thousands of results. And in those results, it is difficult to test the reliability and accuracy.




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